Thomas Metals Group
The Metal Recycling Service Company

Thomas Metals Group (TMG), a family owned and operated, Oklahoma-based company, has created a new business model in the scrap metal industry.  The business was formed to introduce a fundamentally differentiated approach to the scrap metal market, recognizing the scrap metal industry has seen little innovation of the last two decades.

Historically, scrap metal has been treated as an afterthought, or even an inconvenience.  That perspective is beginning to change as excess and scrap metal continues to represent an increasingly meaningful revenue stream. Thomas Metals Group's approach is leading the way in helping its customers transform the way their customers scrap metal is handled and sold by aligning our interests with our customers interests, operationally, logistically, and financially.

We employ a consultative approach to engaging with organizations.  Our goal is to partner with our clients to help them become more competitive in their businesses, by operating in a leaner way,
understanding their downstream more clearly, and maximizing the recovery value of their scrap metal assets. And we accomplish  this by tailoring our services model to the unique needs and requirements of our client's environments.

To find out more information about Thomas Metals Group's approach to scrap metal services, call us at 405-604-5272.  If you are looking for Daily Pricing, please call us at 405-605-2439.

TMG buys scrap metal from the Public and Businesses.  We offer Best Prices, Honest Weights, all in a clean and friendly environment. 

We buy:




*Stainless Steel


*Electric Motors




We are open 8:00 AM -4:30 PM Mon-Fri  8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Sat.

In Oklahoma City, we are located at:  6414 S. Eastern Ave., OKC, OK 73149

In Shattuck, we are located at:  405 E. Oklahoma, Shattuck, OK  73858